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Safe products for clean rivers and healthy families

Purchasing products—especially cleaners and soaps—that are safe for Oregon’s rivers and streams, and healthy for families makes sense. But how can you tell? The Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies (ORACWA) has created this site to assist in making good decisions that will protect us all.

There are lots of labels—organic, fragrance-free, certified, natural, all natural, non-toxic, chemical-free—but what does that mean?

A recent Association of Clean Water Agencies (ACWA) project has for the solution for Oregon agencies, businesses, and families searching for safe and healthy products—look for participating eco-certification labels. Participating programs include: EPA Design for the Environment, EcoLogo, GoodGuide, Coastwide Laboratories—Sustainable Earth Products, EPEAT, Pharos project, GreenWERCS, and Green Screen.

The project worked with prominent national eco-certification programs to request inclusion of the Oregon DEQ’s Priority Persistent Pollutant inventory—chemicals that pose a threat to Oregon’s rivers and streams, fish and wildlife—into their existing certification programs. Each of the participating programs have committed that their certification program ensures these chemicals are not included in certified products or in tools they provide.

“This is clear, reliable, easy-to-understand information that allows Oregonians to select the safest products for their families—products that also protect Oregon’s rivers and streams.”

Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis
Environmental Health Program Director
Oregon Environmental Council

“This information is very useful. As a military organization and state agency, we have specific performance goals to meet for sustainability. This tool allows us to take straight-forward steps to modify our procurement practices, knowing it will improve Oregon's environment.”

Jim Arnold
Environmental Restoration Manager
Oregon Military Department